Sausage Biscuit, Doughnuts and 22 Murders

At 5:30 Wednesday morning, the last day of his troubled life, George J. Hennard walked into a convenience store here and bought a sausage and biscuit sandwich, orange juice, a candy bar, a newspaper and a pack of Old Fashioned Dunkers doughnuts.

He had been buying breakfast at the store six mornings a week for months, but Wednesday there was something different about the darkly handsome son of a former Army doctor.

"George never smiled when he came in here," a clerk at the store, Mary Mead, said today. "He just seemed like he had the world on his shoulders. He was a loner. He never talked. But yesterday he seemed almost calm, even a little friendly, for the only time I can remember. Usually, I was scared of him."

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