7 of Most Famous WW II Operations

1) Operation Panzerfaust

Operation Panzerfaust was a military operation undertaken by German Wehrmacht in order to ensure that the Kingdom of Hungary remains its ally. Hitler had received word that Hungary’s regent was planning to surrender to the Red Army. Hitler did not like this one bit as he feared Hungary’s surrender would expose his Southern Flank. Hungary’s regent Miklós Horthy was going to send his son to negotiate with the Red Army. Hitler then sent his Waffen-SS commando Otto Skorzeny on a military operation to kidnap him. Skorzeny successfully kidnapped Horthy’s son Miklós Horthy Jr.

Horthy’s announcement.
Meanwhile, Horthy announced on national radio that he had signed an armistice agreement with the Soviets. But the Germans were already aware of this and hence they had already made plans to replace Horthy with someone who was more loyal to them. At the time Horthy was ruling from Castle Hill in Budapest. Skorzeny then moved into the Vienna gates of Castle hill. He was accompanied by a group of German soldiers and tanks. Seeing this Horthy realised that he could not fight back and declared no resistance.

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