Wonderwerk Cave Oldest 'Home' in History

In the Kalahari Desert of South Africa, has produced a cornucopia of wonders for archaeologists searching for the truth about human origins. Cave art, stone tools, burned bones, soil, and ash, and a collection of crystals have all been found inside the immense 80-foot (25-meter) wide Wonderwerk Cave that runs 460 feet (140 meters) deep into the Earth.
These artifacts and remnants were clearly produced or accumulated in the vastest recesses of prehistory, reaching far back into antiquity.
But how far back, exactly? According to a new study carried out by a team of archaeologists and geologists from the University of Toronto and Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Wonderwerk Cave was first occupied two million years ago (give or take a couple of hundred thousand years), by a hominin species that lived in southern Africa nearly 2000 millennia before modern humans first appeared in the fossil record.
Assuming their assertion is correct, this would make Wonderwerk Cave the oldest “human” home  found anywhere on earth notes Haaretz.
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