John Hinkley Jr. Gets Unconditional Release

John Hinckley Jr. has been granted unconditional release by a federal court. Hinckley is responsible for the 1981 assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, which left the former president and other White House staff with severe injuries.
In 2020, the Department of Behavioral Health proposed Hinckley be released with no conditions, stating he posed a “low risk for future violence.” The proposal was reiterated earlier this year and agreed upon by Senior US District Judge Paul Friedman, who said Hinckley hadn’t displayed symptoms of violence, mental illness or an interest in weapons since 1983.
Hinckley’s lawyer, Barry Wm. Levine, called the ruling a “momentous moment” that is both appropriate and required by law, noting that doctors have concluded numerous times that his client doesn’t post a risk to the public and is dedicated to continuing his treatment and therapy.
One stipulation of Hinckley’s release is that he be monitored over the next nine months. According to prosecutor Kacie Weston, this is due to changes that have recently occurred in his life: the death of his mother this past summer and the retirement of one of his doctors, leading to the disbandment of his therapy group.
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