John Heisman and Football's 222-0 Blowout

Welcome to the 10th episode of Pretty Good. This is a story I've been waiting to tell for years. In the first place, it's one I've wanted to learn about for years. I remember being nine years old, flipping through a Guinness Book of World Records, and devouring the 20-word caption in the "sports records" section that summarized Georgia Tech's 222-0 defeat of Cumberland College. That's all I could get: 20 words. I spent the next two decades wondering what sort of unholy malicious mutant football that could have produced the numbers two hundred and twenty-two, and zero.
I finally found the answers, thanks to a play-by-play account from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, some old newspaper clippings, and a couple of century-old college yearbooks. Another major source was the book You Dropped It, You Pick It Up by Jim Paul. Sadly, this book appears to have been out of print for decades, but it works off accounts given by players from both teams, and proved to be an invaluable source of reference.
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