A First at Tomb of Unknown Soldier

As the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier prepares to mark 100 years at Arlington National Ceremony, a historic first took place Friday during a guard change.
"For the first time in the 84-year-vigil, on the 30,770th day of continuous guarding, an all-female guard change occurred with the 38th Sergeant of the Guard," the Old Guard tweeted. 
"We commemorate the achievements of these trail-blazing Tomb Guards," the Old Guard stated on social media. "While this historic event may be a first, it is not the last. With diversity in our ranks, race, gender, or any characteristics will never hinder, but only enhance the execution of our sacred mission. As we recognize this monumental day, we reflect on the Unknowns and their ultimate sacrifice. The world will never know their names. Their life’s poetry was silenced in the defense of this great nation. We will never forget their sacrifice, and we will never falter as our standard will remain perfection."
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