How Stalin Crushed Germany in Photos

These large-scale offensive operations by Soviet troops essentially ensured the victory of the anti-Hitler coalition over the Axis countries in World War II.
In 1944, the Red Army conducted 10 major strategic offensive operations, as a result of which almost the entire territory of the Soviet Union was liberated, more than 130 enemy divisions were destroyed and Bulgaria, Romania and Finland switched sides and joined the anti-Hitler coalition, while Nazi Germany found itself on the verge of total collapse.
The hallmarks of the operations were the rapid rate of advance of the Red Army, good coordination among all branches of the armed forces, operational and tactical surprise, as well as the effectiveness of massive preliminary bombardments from the air and by artillery.
In Moscow on November 4 of the same year, in a speech titled ‘27th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution’, Joseph Stalin listed the operations for the first time, referring to them as “blows”. Since then, the term has firmly entered everyday usage.
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