Russia's Frozen Body Fight

No, this isn’t the plot of a horror movie - but a genuine battle being waged at a Russian company that cryogenically freezes dead bodies (yes, they exist and they’re legal). In order to save the business, one of the co-owners went for a truly desperate move!
When, in 2006, seven fans of the transhumanist movement founded ‘KrioRus’ - the only Russian company in the business of freezing the recently deceased (and any pets they may have had) with the hope of unfreezing them in the future, no one thought that things would end the way they did.
In early September 2021, one of the co-founders, Valeriya Udalova, secretly snuck onto the cryostorage territory and, in broad daylight, using an autogen, made a hole in its wall. The video that’s been making the rounds online shows a crane attempting to extract the dewars (containers) holding the “cryo patients”. 
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