Auschwitz Sent Gypsies to 'Family Camp'

According to the so-called “Auschwitz order” (Auschwitz-Erlass) issued by Heinrich Himmler on December 16th, 1942 “mixed Gypsies” (which means people who had even a tiny portion of “Gypsy blood”, “Gypsies – Roma”, and “Gypsies of Balkan origins”) should be deported to KL Auschwitz. Himmler’s order contained also a list of Sinti and Roma groups which should be exempted. Among the latter were “racially pure Sinti and Lalleri” (in connection with the assumption widespread among the Nazis that because the ancestors of Roma could have had contacts with the Aryans who once inhabited India, and could preserve in a degenerated form some Aryan features, the contemporary Roma who were “racially pure” should be studied).

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