What Is Happening in the World?

What Is Happening in the World?
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America’s new U.N. Ambassador says that our founding documents and principles are based on “white supremacy,” and before the U.S. rejoins the U.N.’s Human Rights Council (where it would sit with such human rights stalwarts as Russia, Sudan, Libya, China, and Cuba), it needs to approach “issues of equity and justice . . . with humility.” America’s so-called “paper of record” promotes the 1619 project to reteach our nation’s founding with an emphasis on slavery. The mainstream media, the Biden administration, Democrats in Congress, and many of America’s major corporate leaders accept the notion that laws that mandate voter identification are equivalent to “Jim Crow” laws. The mainstream media prioritizes the reporting of white-on-black crimes, not black-on-white or black-on-black crimes.

Our social media moguls decide what arguments are permitted to be aired on their sites. American conservatives are “cancelled” by Facebook and Twitter while the Mullahs in Iran and the Chinese Communist Party leaders are welcome to air their views. Progressive riots — no matter how violent — are characterized as “mostly peaceful” by the mainstream media. Biological men who identify as females, we are told, must be permitted to participate in girls’ and women’s sports. Schools named for George Washington and Thomas Jefferson — even Abraham Lincoln — must be renamed because Washington and Jefferson owned slaves and Lincoln viewed blacks as inferior to whites.

History needs to be revised. As our cities burn and crime escalates, we are told that the problem is systemic racism in police forces and the criminal justice system. Criminals are portrayed as victims, even heroes, while those who protect us are portrayed as villains. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, our leaders open the southern border to illegal immigrants. Nationalism has become a dirty word. Globalism is all the rage.

What is happening in the world?

What is happening in the world? That was the subtitle of James Burnham’s influential book The Managerial Revolution that was published in 1941. What was happening then and what is happening now is a “social revolution.” Burnham explained the elements of a social revolution: 1. “There takes place a drastic change in the most important social (economic and political) institutions”; 2. There are “parallel changes in cultural institutions and in the dominant beliefs which men hold about man’s place in the world and the universe”; and 3. There is a “change in the group of men which hold the top positions, which controls the greater part of power and privilege in society.”

A social revolution, Burnham noted, was a period of transition from one type of society to another involving change in the “most important economic, social, political, and cultural institutions of society.” 

Social revolutions, Burnham wrote, are fueled by ideologies that “are capable of influencing and winning the acceptance of great masses of people,” but in reality the ideology works “to serve and advance the interests of” the ruling class. All politics, he wrote, “is the struggle for social power among organized groups of men.”  The ruling class exists in all forms of government — it rests, he explained, on control and preferential treatment. During a social revolution, there is a “drive for social dominance, for power and privilege, for the position of the ruling class, by a social group or class.” And the ruling class that emerges will exercise control of the state. 

We're witnessing a revolution

In 1941, Burnham identified the new ruling class as the managers. He saw the emergence of a managerial elite in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and in the New Deal governance of the United States. In all three great powers, the state was exercising to varying degrees more and more control over economies. The “universal tendency in the world economy as a whole and in that of each separate nation,” Burnham explained, “is toward the relative extension of governmental enterprise at the expense  . . . of private.” In each country, he continued, there will be a “fused political-economic apparatus.” 

The outcome of a social revolution, Burnham argued, is a society divided between the “powerful and the weak, the privileged and the oppressed, the rulers and the ruled.” 

Today’s social revolution is far advanced. The Far Left radicals of the 1960s gradually infiltrated America’s cultural, economic, and political institutions. What are now called “progressives” control all of the mainstream media, the social media platforms, our education establishments, health establishments, major NGOs, tech companies, our cultural institutions (publishing, movies, television, charitable foundations, etc), religious hierarchies, the Democratic Party, and the federal and many state and local governments. The leaders of these institutions are today’s ruling class, and they are busy advancing their progressive agenda throughout America. Their progressive ideology, as Burnham knew, though sold as a benefit to mankind in truth serves to advance their own interests. 

If you want to know what is happening in the world, if you want to understand the current social revolution, read Burnham’s The Managerial Revolution

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